Useful Wikipedia Domain Pages

This is a list of useful Wikipedia domain pages:

Domain Names
Domain Name System
DNS Root
Top Level Domains
Generic Top Level Domains
.com to search other extensions replace .com with other TLD. for example you can replace .com with .net to view .net wiki page
Country Code Top Level Domains
Domain Name Registrar
Fully Qualified Domain Name
RootZone DB
Second Level Domain
DNS Zone
List of most expensive domain names
Domain Aftermarket
Domain Name Front Running
Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act
Domain hack
Domain Hijacking Domain Name Warehousing
Domain Tasting
Domain Registration
Domain Transfer
List of Internet Top-Level Domains
Public Suffix List
Reverse Name Notation
Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy
Internationalized country code top-level domain
Sponsored top-level domain
Two Letter Country Codes
Domain name scams
Business Model
Domain Drop Catching
Reverse Domain Name Hijacking
Type in traffic
Domain Name Drop List
Domain Parking

I’ve tried to list as many Wiki pages as possible related to domain names. These links are good for beginners who’re just starting domaining or those who are interested in protecting and enhancing their business related domain names.

Fell free to post a link in comment if I’ve missed something very important.

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This site is currently inactive but NOT for sale



While researching my LLL series of domains, I came across and what I found on the site I copied here as shown in the above picture.

I’m just wondering how can someone may use someone else’s domain name to conduct business. And, this maybe the reason why has put up this notice on their site. But, I think instead of putting such a notice the domain owner has to find some other options. Use of your domain without your knowledge or by some technical hacking ways is illegal and entails monetary aspect also. The domain gets devalued due to its unfair use.

And, when starts its own business online then I think it needs to find a way to stop somebody else from using their domain to conduct business and at that time mentioning ‘it’s out of our control’ to stop somebody else from abusing BGB domain name will not make much sense.

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4-Letter .com Sales as Reported By Dnjournal

This week’s report was special. Ron Jackson intelligently started it with an eye-catching headline which reads as ‘The Flood Gates Open:Release of 2Q-2014 Sales at Inundates the Chart With High End Sales.’

Of all the sales what interest me most was the 4 letter .com domain sales. I find the sales values of these domains is worth re-looking. If you’ve a pronounceable 4 letter .com domain sales these sales as reported should give you some idea of its current worth. In order to ease this process I compiled the list of all 4 letter .com sales and divided them into pronounceable and non-pronounceable list.

The Pronounceable sales: $175,000 $55,800 $52,500 $43,000 $35,000 $30,000 $28,000 $25,000 $20,000 $20,000 $20,000 $17,789 $15,000 $13,000 $12,500 $12,000

The average selling price for the above was US$24974 and also note the highest and the lowest sales.

Non-Pronounceable LLLL.coms $75,000 $58,800 $35,000 $22,000 $15,000 $13,500 $12,000 $10,000

Interestingly it’s at US$30100 the average sales for the above’s which are not strictly pronounceable. But, the average is getting heavy due to MITV and Futr sales the former being a TV domain and the latter I could not derive much meaning out of it except the word future. And, the other LLLL too commanded very good prices. The lowest sales standing at $10,000

Most of us owns domain names, I own few. And, the above sales as reflected is a good indicator to price our domains accordingly or adjust the market values which we’ve assigned already.

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Should You Explain The Potential Benefits of Your Domain Name?

As a Domainers we’re in the business of selling names and sometimes an offer comes which puts more demand on us as the prospective customer may like to know how this domain name maybe helpful to his business. Lot depends on the type of domain name about which the customer is inquiring. If the name is self-explanatory and is a premium one or two word domain name then I think it doesn’t require that extra push or teaching.

And If a customer asks for appraisal or some stats on the name, then we may forward them to Estibot site where they may type the domain name and gets the relevant stats. But, it doesn’t work for all the names and most of us has some names that may have a zero appraisal value. And, if a customer needs explanation or some stats on such names then it’s difficult to provide it to him. In such cases, name significance is more important than the stats. A customer should understand that he is buying only Name from the seller. He should work out himself on other stuff such as SEO value, business value and other pertinent parameters relevant to that particular domain name.

I don’t think we as a Domainers can do well the all-rounder job of a SEO, webmaster and so on. We should limit ourselves to what we do better that is finding better names for which businesses are willing to pay whether it scores zero or ten on a SEO analysis card. As we know that there are many names that have been bought and sold to end-users whose meaning and SEO values were almost nil.

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Have You Taken An Ice Bucket Challenge?

Ice Bucket Challenge sometimes also called as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALs) Ice bucket challenge is an activity involving dumping a bucket of ice water on someone’s head to promote awareness of the ALS disease. In mid-2014, the Ice Bucket Challenge went viral on social media and after that public donation to ALS charities soared and so the domain names involving ice bucket challenge as a keyword.

The right domain was registerd on 28 th July 2014 and this month around 64 registrations were made under .com and .net having IceBucketChallenge as a keyword. And, not only this in other ccTLDs and other top level extensions including some new gTLDs were also got registered with the ice bucket challenge keyword name.

Such is the phenomenon of Ice Bucket Challenge that it has crossed all borders and everyone seems to taking this challenge and filming it to share via internet video channels. Youtube shows around 1.5 million results for “Ice Bucket Challenge.’ Some commentators raised concern that it has become more as a fun activity and has lost its aim to raise awareness about ALS.

It’s not clear who coined this term and it’s not trademarked too and as a result the domain registrations are soaring. Are you going to register any ice bucket challenge domain name or take the challenge itself? As far as I’m concerned I would rather prefer to register a name first and take the challenge later as I’m used to shower myself with the warm water.

And here are some names, for those who wish to know what people have thought of registering: (It’s now registered in almost all popular existing and new gTLDs)

It will be interesting to see how long this trend may continue weather it’s domain registration or taking the challenge itself. Lets see if any Domainer takes the challenge and post it on the internet.

list of notable ice bucket challenge participants

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How many Variants of a Domain Name Are Useful

Generally at the time of registration most registrants register singular as well as plural version of a domain name if it’s available. And, also sometimes they register the .net and .org version of a domain name because after .com, .net and .org are regarded as the second best TLDs. Also, if it’s a two word domain name, a registrant may also chose to register the hyphen version of that name in order to keep full control on the name.

Well, it’s a good idea to register other variants of your domain name especially if you’re going to build a business on it and if it’s for investment purpose it’s not essentially needed.

There is no need to register too many variants of a domain name as it’s not needed but a recent look at verisignlabs gave me an entirely different picture of a possible domain registration for a press related keyword. Following were the domains:

The registrant came up with 14 variants to protect the which I think all were not needed except the

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Registered My First .Academy Domain Name

Yesterday, I registered my first .academy domain name. The name I registered is Urdu.Academy. Urdu is a language very popular in India and Pakistan. It’s a dominating language when it comes to Hindi/Urdu literature. It’s believed to be spoken by close to 100 millions of people around the world.

When it comes to .academy it’s a new generic top level domain went to general availability this year and at present shows a count of 11,982 registrations as per ntld stats. I believe any new gTLD that has crossed the ten thousand registrations mark may grow well and will be a success in the future.

Registering a new .academy domain name is a bit costly. You may need to pay USD25. Registrations are available at all leading domain registrars websites such as Godaddy, NameCheap, Uniregistry, etc. One good thing about .Academy TLD is that it’s a vertical associated with learning which is a huge industry. eLearning industry is expected to surpass $100 billion mark by year 2015 and it makes sense that more and more players will enter this market with their deliverables. And, each may need a domain name and a .academy name will be the perfect answer for such educational endeavors.

Some benefits of .Academy domain name could be:

1. It’s open to all
2. Very suitable for educational and eLearning based websites
3. It’s new in the domain space and a right domain is not too far
4. If you’re having an existing domain name which has a ‘academy’ as a keyword you can register the .academy to shorten your domain name
5. .Academy names brings instant recognition as it says your website objective clearly without any tagline support
6. The cost of registering a .acedemy name is not much compare to some other new gTLDs such as .University
7. a healthy 28% domains equivalent to 3,354 domains are live and rest are parked as per ntldstats

Considering the value of eIndustry I’m bit optimistic that this TLD may gain its foothold in the domain space in the future. I’ve registered Urdu.Academy as I love my language and I’ll sell it to an end user only who may use it to spread this lovely language.

And, I maybe looking for more .academy names to register. Have you got any .academy name?

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