Domain Name Industry Players

If you’re thinking domaining is just the only thing domain industry people do then you’re wrong. Domain industry over the years experienced a phenomenal growth and proved profitable to many. It’s interesting to note that Domain industry is not just about Domaining but it’s more. It’s not 100-year-old and considered new industry active since 20+ years but has got wide attention during the last 15 years. It’s interesting to see that there are many players in this game beginning with the Registry and ending with the registrant or the end-user

Here is a list of businesses involved in this industry:

Domain Registry
Domain Registrar
Domain Registrant – End User
Domain Registrant – Domainer
Domain Broker
Domain Blogger
Domain Events
Domain Parking
Domain Investors
Domain Employee
Domain Resources
Domain Aftermarket
Domain Financier
Domain Attorneys
Domain Forum
Domain Consultant
Domain Developer
Domain Appraisals
Domain Hosting
Domain Escrow
Domain Coupons (Part of Registrar)
Domain Tax
And maybe much more.

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Separating Domaining With Blogging

Not all Domainers are Bloggers and not all Bloggers are Domainers. But, there are some individuals who are Bloggers as well as Domainers. The question comes to my mind is that should we separate Domaining with Blogging?

The answer is not clear. I think some domain bloggers do domaining on the domain on which they also do blogging. Myself, I use a public email service to respond to domain inquiries and use this site as a reference. But, I’ve decided to use another domain name for my Domaining activities in order to separate Domaining from Blogging. This allows me to protect my domain blog if something not good happens with Domaining.

As we send end-user emails and negotiate with prospective buyers upon inquiries there is a slight chance that someone may misread us and propagate wrong information online using our domain name. This in turn may effect our online reputation. Or, we may hit by an unexpected UDRP case and the domain which we may have used for answering may go public wrong-way. Not only this, as blogs generate revenue I think it make sense to separate domain blogging with Domaining by forming a company in order to buy and sell internet domain names.

If you’re not already using a separate Domain for Domaining then buy a domain specifically for Domaining, if you like list your domains for sale, give it a legal entity (if possible) and restart Domaining.

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This Domain ________ Will Be Available Soon.

Here is a spam email I received: will be available soon.

You have been identified as a potential buyer through our domain-matching algorithm. If you are not interested in this domain or prefer not to receive future notifications, please disable the sending of any other domain notifications at the bottom of this email and I apologize for the inconvenience.

To confirm interest, please fill out the simple form here: click here.

Our company is committed to full transparancy and a risk-free experience for our customers.

Payment is due, only after the successful transfer of ownership and full control of the domain by you.

All the best,




My comments:
The domain in question I’ve not mentioned to protect the registrant of the domain as I don’t to know whether the registrant send it to me or somebody else. I’m amazed when it mentioned that they have an algorithm that identifies potential buyers. Certainly, the algorithm is not up to its standards as I don’t think I’m in need of this particular domain name. I’ve noticed that when you buy more domain names you get more such spam emails related to domains. I’m very much clear that before entering Domaining I never received such emails in my inbox.

I think, these spammers should start learning domaining in an ethical manner so that the domaining community as a whole are not labelled as spammers or cyber squatters.

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What is ‘The Internet of Things?’

When I first heard the term ‘The Internet of Things’ I not gave it much thought but back in my mind the term was active and was seeking some explanation. And, today before checking the actual meaning on the internet I thought it may mean connectivity of things. We are already aware of the term ‘The internet of computers’ or ‘The internet of people.’ And, The internet of things is just very similar.
Now, connectivity will not be limited to people and computers but it has expanded to appliances and other wearable stuff. That is why we are calling it as ‘The internet of Things’ and as per trends this is going to be the ‘Next Big Thing.’ But, experts opine that it may take a decade from here for this technology to go fully operational and become mainstream.

Lets see its formal definition:
The term Internet of Things was proposed by Kevin Ashton in 1999. It means ‘a proposed development of the Internet in which everyday objects have network connectivity, allowing them to send and receive data.†

Well, from domaining point of view I was curious to see if this term was reserved or not and to my astonishment it’s reserved in lots of right of the dot extensions. See the results I made at


Both ‘The internet of things’ and ‘Internet of things’ are heavily reserved in most of the extensions. The gives ‘Internet of Things’ an appraisal value of USD 1500 with 2337 searches. Most of the domains taken under this phrase are looking for offers or are parked.

Although the term was coined in 1999 but it took 4 years for somebody to register this name under dot com and its present status shows.

Domain registered 2 April 2003
Domain expires 2 April 2023

From business monetisation point of view I don’t think the term is suitable to sell and buy ‘Internet of things’ but as an information portal it may serve its purpose very well.

The Internet of Things

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My First .Guru Domain Name – Tagline.Guru

It seems that .Guru is one of the new gTLD which maybe definitely going to stay. It has around 62K+ registration so far and it seems the number will grow gradually. Registering a .Guru domain name is not easy when you really want the left of the dot to go well with the right of the dot. Day before yesterday I was researching some names related to marketing and advertising and in the process I discovered Tagline Name. I was sure it’s not available in most of the existing TLDs but I made a quick search to see if it is available under new gTLD. And, I found Tagline.Guru available.

I researched a bit more on that and I found that it’s perfect under .Guru extension. Estibot appraises around US$62000 with 22,263 Google exact match search with a 1.44 USD as CPC. I found this data reasonable. I registered it at Godaddy which consumed my 28 USD.

Taglines are always interesting and there are Marketing and Ad experts that provide taglines along with name and logo development. According to this page “Copy editors charge $250 to $3,000 to create a tagline.”

This registration of mine is an indication that there maybe some good one word names that may go well with .GURU extension. The present amount of registration are too small and as awareness about .Guru expands the number likely to grow.

At present Google search engine renders the following results at page first when searched for Site:.Guru

And so on.

Its good to see many developments are taking place around .Guru extension which is a good sign. The more websites get developed on these new gTLDs the more awareness these extension can get and which may help these new dots to survive and thrive.

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I’m Dropping Ten .Me Domain Names

Last year I registered 10 .me domain names at when they ran a promotion allowing the registrant to register 10 dot me domain names for US$10/- I registered the following 10 .me domain names:


I parked all these domain names at SEDO and none made any revenue. Off late I learned that two word .me names don’t do well and extremely low number of two word .me names do well. I’ve two other .me names that are and These both I’m going to hold for further period to see if some offers comes on that. .Me names do well at Middle East. Most of the middle east companies who cannot afford .com and don’t want to pay high prices for .ae domains tends to prefer .me domains. And, also, companies who want to have a total middle east expansion of their activities brand on .me names.

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Should The Registrar Separate NewgTLD Domain List?

We all are aware that our domains are in the hands of our registrar’s. And, after the .xyz domain extension marketing trick which made .xyz as the number 1 New gTLD in the market, domainers fear that many registrants of the .xyz domains may forget to disable the auto-renew feature in the domain management under their account. Which may cause them to renew the domain accidentally.

I think the issue is not just with .xyz it’s now with every other available new gTLD. Some businesses and mostly Domainers have hundreds and thousands of domains in their portfolio. Now with the arrival of new gTLDs it has become somewhat difficult to manage the new ‘G’s along with other existing TLDs.

I think, the registrar should provide an option where we can separate the new gTLD domains from the existing domain names in one shot. This feature if enabled provides better management since new gTLDs are in testing period and it’s not good to let them all renew automatically.

At present we can view domains separately by TLD but I think if someone has 100′s of new gTLDs under different new extensions it will be time consuming for him to review and make changes to those domains. That registrant while in review may make mistake in setting auto-renews properly which in turn may cause him to lose a good domain/s under existing TLDs such as .com, .net. org, etc.

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