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Beginning this month I will be sharing with you every week top domain news. Every day we go through many blogs and articles on domains and some are really important. I thought to compile such a list of important weekly news and to share it. Here are some of the top news of the week. Most of the news are sourced from feed. It’s difficult to give credit to one particular blogger as most of the news are usually covered by multiple domain industry blogs.

Here is a recap: shows as of this time total of 7,229,710 new domains with 287,240 in upcoming deletes sold by Media Options to Revimedia for $1 million with additional considerations

.Online ended its 1st day in general availability with 35,172 domain name registrations

Ammar Kuba revealed his new project

Ryan Colby reveals $1.45 million in domain sales for August launched domain sales newsletter

Godaddy started offering 2fa for its international customers

Progressive Specialty Glass Company nailed for Reverse domain name hijacking

Thomson Reuters Acquires Premium Domain Name

The highest brandable sale as per is for $16,756

British born music artist Calvin Harris has filed a UDRP on the domain name sold for $3,000 to an end user

Brandbucket nears 20000 names in its total portfolio

In new gTLD sales the highest being sold for $6,600 as per

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.MBA Says You Mean Business

You should be a professional in order for you to register a .pro domain. But to get a dot MBA (Master of Business Administration) domain no such conditions are applicable. .MBA domain is operated by Lone Hollow LLC. It’s at present in the early access period. shows just 49 domains in the zone file.

.MBA is set to go into the general availability on 2 September, 2015. It will be interesting to note how many registrations .mba will get on day one. I believe there are many MBA’s around the globe who can be benefited from this TLD. No doubt, it’s the most popular postgraduate degree and deserve a TLD of its own. But, I don’t think if you’re an MBA you want to have an MBA domain. Also, Its registration and renewal fee will be an important factor too. Since it’s ‘Donuts’ TLD the renewal fee will be high.

It’s a popular suffix by domain count but it’s difficult to estimate how many are actually referring to MBA as some other words also ends with mba such as rumba, samba, and many other words belonging to other languages.

To market .mba domain extension effectively some popular registrars are using the following taglines:
Name “.MBA lets you show what you know”
Godaddy “.mba says you mean business”
Enom “.MBA provides an extension that signals professionalism.” “.mba the Domain dedicated to your business”

If you want to do per-registrations the rates are different based on the domain quality. For example: pre-registration cost is $27.99, is at $44.99 where as is at $249.99 at Godaddy provided nobody bids it during the early access period. After the first day success of .online extension I think .mba got some advantage in terms of awareness. Those who are new to the domain game and has just registered .online may well wish to register a .mba domain.

Your chance of getting a nice .mba domain is good as I don’t see much competition for this TLD like the .Online.

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The Day When Dot Will Be Dropped!

Imagine a day when we not at all use the ‘dot’ to mention a domain name. Although right of the dot may continue to be in used in the written material but verbally it maybe avoided. Just review the following names:

Visit ‘BuyOnline’ website
visit ‘NetWork’ website
Visit ‘TransferMoney’ website
Visit ‘SellCheap’ website
Visit ‘CoffeeClub’ website
Visit ‘ABCXYZ’ website

It will be assumed that the user knows exactly where to put the ‘dot’ to arrive to the right website. It will save advertising time that goes in mentioning ‘dot’ and also it will end up creating a better impact. This could may become true for the new generic top level domains that makes sense when joined with the correct left of the dot. If this happens then this will become a good success indicator for the new generic top level domains. But, for old top level domains such as .com, .net, .org and also many ccTLD extensions this may not work at all, simply because users are very much attuned to saying ‘com’ ‘.net’ or ‘.org’ after the ‘dot’.

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.Online off to an Impressive Start

Are you bored with too much information about new generic top level domains? Then, it’s a time to look for the information about how .Online domains have become the 1st hour registration king compare to all the new TLDs released as of now. Most of the new gTLDs not experienced such a good start on its first day. .Online made an impeccable impact.

.online has become the first new top level domain to have more registration in just 30 minutes crossing 30000 registrations in the general availability mode. It has surpassed the .club record in terms of 1st day registrations. Will it maintain its momentum in the coming days? It’s likely. The response for .online domains keeping in view the registration numbers very much positive.

A successful new launch often leaves a viral affect onto other upcoming new generic top level domains. It will be interesting to see how .online domains momentum may effect the outcome of .MBA domains which is at present locked in the early access program.

Here are some facts about the .Online Domains”
.Online is operated by Radix registry | Radix.Website
.Online domains have now entered the General Availability mode
.Online is a widely used term and it’s memorable
.Online domains are a good fit for websites using already online in their domain name
.Online domains are available at all major domain registrars with current prices set at:
Godaddy $14.99, Name $14.99, Uniregistry $19.88, 1and1 $9.99

The Radix team is very much happy and one of its tweets says “.Online just crossed 26000 new regs in less than 15 minutes of the launch!!!! Do you still need a reason to buy a .online?

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More Domain Extensions = More Confusion

It was not until last year that an average internet user was able to have no problems with the right of the dot. Usually, while visiting a website the .com was assumed and if the webpage doesn’t resolves, users put the .net, .org to quickly jump to the right website. But, with the advent of the new gTLDs the matter has become quite confusing. An user has now more than 1000 choices for the right of the dot extensions (Inclusive of country codes). As per the ICANN at present 734 new gTLDs are introduced to the internet, plus we have the old TLDs and lots of ccTLDs. More choices means more confusion.

How this is going to workout in favor of the registrars? Who will succeed and who will flounder? Who will go ahead and who will get out? is a big question. Neither registrars nor the average internet users have any scientific analysis of the outcome of this new domain business. But, it’s predicted – many new gTLDs will die soon. It’s really going to be an interesting analysis for a future period to see which one succeeds and which one doesn’t.

Aggressive marketing is the only solution by the respective registrars of new gTLDs to promote awareness among the end users. Domainers is a very small community of entrepreneurs who are aware of this trend. But, they are not the real end users and can’t hold large portfolio if there’s not much liquidity. This is the reason why end users are required who can use the new gTLDs and promote their web addresses using them. End users in fact are the real marketers of new gTLDs. When they use any domain they indirectly promote the right of the dot along with their new name. And this type of massive promotion by end users is the only key to reduce confusion and type-in traffic leakage to the .com domains. It will not certainly clear the confusion but will significantly reduce its effects.

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Brandable names are one of the growing niche of Domaining. Brandable marketplaces like Brandbucket, Namerific, and Brandroot are thriving everyday. Mostly, the demand for such domains is coming from new startups. Astoundingly there is a good demand for these names because every day 137,000+ new businesses starts as monitored by Global Entrepreneurship Monitor and always business starts with a name. Also, many companies needs a domain for rebranding, new product launch or for marketing. The need is there!

I would like to thank DNGeek’s founder Doron Vermaat for piquing my interest in Brandable names. His articles on newly funded startups and on the names sold on Brandbucket really got me thinking. Also, my friend AbdulBasit who comments regularly on my blog helped me by reviewing my registered names. He has a good knack at domaining.

I was previously hand registering some brandables but never thought of screening them through I decided to have my skills tested. I started reading more on brand names in order to start registering meaningful names. Registered not much but picked up some names from my existing lot and then added more via new registrations. And, submitted it at Brandbucket as LatestNames

Got approval for 10 domains out of 5 submissions. Too bad to have scored 20% only. I think this may change with more reading and understanding about domains and brand connections.

You need a domain to sell domains and I was having one domain name LatestNames which I thought is OK to start with. After getting acceptance of 10 names I decided to go with the Brandbucket’s widget to show those names on This name was getting decent traffic as a parked domain but I was having the feeling that this name is quite suitable for new names.

At present I’ve just listed my names there and planning to start a blog to discuss about brandable names. I realize this in the process of registering brand names that most of the domain blogs talk more about generic names and little about Brandable names except There is really a dearth of information especially from domainers on this topic. I’m not at all anyway near to be an expert on brands or branding but looking forward to share my experiences with such names as and when my learning takes place.

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New gTLDs = More Domaining Opportunities

I sense that Domaining is not coming to an end with the new gTLDs where a particular registrant may have several extensions to choose the right domain. In fact, it will create more opportunities for the domainers. Before Domaining was very limited to .com and few other TLDs but now a Domainer can have multiple choices to accelerate and build his domain portfolio.
When it comes to a .com, a good exact match domain with good searches and a brandable/generic dictionary names consider of high value. And, with regards to the new gLTDs a good combination of right of the dot and left of the dot may create more value. A recent example of such a combination was, Net.Work,, 3D.Software, etc.
At present the main problem faced by domainers is the management issue. How can one possibly invest in all new gTLDs when the aftermarket value is uncertain and odds of facing failures are high. These are the basic issues which is keeping most of the Domainers at bay when it comes to investing in new gTLDs. There are only very few Domainers who are sensibly investing in new gTLDs and some are reaping rewards too.

There exists a group of Domainers who feel that they can grab new gTLDS too from the expired domain auctions if that particular new gTLD succeeds in registration figures as well as shoots up in the aftermarket value. It’s a good idea but it has to be noted that the drop for good new gTLDs will not become easily available. Because, most of the premium new gTLDs are being registered by Domain investors or held by registry who will have better control on these genre of domains. Back in .com early days – the domain awareness was not much and so drops were happening regularly for the top notch premium domains – still occasionally some top .com domains gets dropped. So, I think this watch and play policy may not result in greater advantage. So, in order to take the full advantage some domainers are getting early into these new gTLDS. I think it’s a terrific opportunity to small time Domainers like myself to register premium new gTLDs through early access program or through early registrations for speculative purposes. If you think Domaining is now dying you should reevaluate the scenario, because still more than half of the worlds population is not using internet, many local businesses needs to get a domain to go online, and every day thousands of startups are starting who’re looking for a domain for their company. Also don’t forget that existing companies too requires names for rebranding and for their new offerings and products. Name requirements will never end and so Doamaining is going to stay for some more period.

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