Dot com Value Vs Number of Dot Com

Recently sold for $140000 by as reported by DnJournal. I’m wondering if it was it had surely hit the million mark. I think the opinion of some domain industry experts is correct on this. That the .net is 10% of the .com value.

According to DomainTools shows .com registration total at 118,419,194 and .net at 15,010,715. It’s little more at 12% compare to .com numbers. Is this explains the fact that in domain market .net is just valued at 10% – 15% of .com value because of the domain count? I think it’s one of the factor too. And, it applies to all other TLDs but of-course there are some outliers.

Now a days, it’s extremely difficult to find a good .com domain name available for reg fee. Still, each day many .coms are registered and it’s likely to continue despite the new extension wave of new gTLDs. .com is such an extension that as per GoDaddy is a domain extension that will never go out of style.

Another point is that still half of the world’s population is not online and it is likely that as the number of internet users grow and businesses start going online, the .com domains will increase too. And, it means, the value of unused .com domains will rise further. Recently, it has been indicated in the form of LLLL domains. As the Chinese domain investors started entering the domain markets the LLLL values increased significantly. Non vowel based LLLL domains once considered not worthy have become valuable today. Non-premium letters such as J, K, Q, V, W, X, Y and Z have became good letters too.

Investing in .com names for profit is still hot and as the number of .coms grows more the value of good .coms will surge too.

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Trademark lawyer to 3-man startup: Hand over your domain—or else

Would “CaseRails” get confused with “CaseWeb?” Sanford Asman says yes.

Today is the deadline for Erik Dykema to decide whether or not he will fight for his company’s name.

Dykema and two co-founders created CaseRails more than two years ago. The Manhattan-based startup has just three people, all focused on creating and managing legal documents.

Two weeks ago, CaseRails started ramping up its marketing, increasing its advertising, and e-mailing attorneys who might be interested in its product. Not long after that outreach, Dykema got a phone call from Sanford Asman, a trademark lawyer who says his rights are being infringed by CaseRails.

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Top Longest Domains Dropping Today

Everyday thousands of domains get deleted from the domain databases. Most of these domains are .com names which forms a huge 70-80% of the total domains out in the net-space. The longest domain name length is 63 characters and some people avail this facility to say things they like. In one way it’s good way of expressing something very important in a very short manner. Twitter tweets allows user up to 140 characters per tweet and it has emerged very successful with this unique feature. So, why not use a domain name length feature to express something important?

Well, When it comes to domaining or naming your business the shorter version names are regarded as better. Because it creates less confusion and helps customers remember your name. It’s one of the reason why larger names are considered junk.

But, there are out people who register everyday long names taking full advantage of the domain length to express their point of view in a domain name format and makes it permanent for at least a year. Today while browsing through the pending delete I found these interesting or not so interesting larger names:

how to live like a millionaire when you re a million
bachelor of science in business
american painless laser tattoo removal
the 9 principles of heart centered

I think sometimes the longest domains gives clue of the pain a registrant has when he/she fails to get a short .com name and to heal the frustration – a larger version gets registered just for fun. Also, the longest domains gives a hint of what types of domains are really getting rare and invaluable. From the above list it’s not hard to guess that money; apps, wifi; tattoo; business and repair related good names are not easy to get for a reg fee. This is true especially for the end users who’re not much familiar with naming.

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Interesting Typos of Big Domain Companies

Do you think that the Typo Domains are not valuable? Think again! These companies have large number of typos registered to protect their names and also to gain the free traffic that results via typo domains. The keyword ‘domain names’ has around 134,200 monthly searches with around $21.54 CPC. This stats shows that how much a company can save dollars by having free traffic to their site with the help of the typo domains. Interestingly, all these typos will redirect a visitor to the main business website.

Lets see one-by-one the interesting typos of some of the cyberspace’s best domain name companies: (Business domain) and the following typos redirect to its main website:
I thought is also owned by them but it’s not. It’s parked with ads on domains. (Business domain) and the following typos redirect to its main website: (Business domain) and the following typos redirect to its main website:
Interestingly NameCheap does not own which is parked with live domain ads
Networksolutions does not own which is parked with live ads

Also, companies like Moniker owns; owns and the list goes on. Domain companies understand the value of typo domains and this helps them in registering typo domains and diverting that traffic to their main business website.
It serve as a free traffic and also helps them in not having trademark issues with their names. But, this is not the case with most of the other companies who are not related with domain names.
Well, in order to protect your brand from trademark issues and to gain free traffic – typo domains are helpful. But, the same is not good if you register commercial trademark violation typos such as or

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Levy Administration Charges On Your Ultra Premium Domains

If you own some ultra premium domains then why not think of levying administration charges on those domain names? Because, when you own such domains, the inquiries keeps pouring. Very few are legitimate and serious and most of them are just for general knowledge. Since you don’t know which are serious and which are not you end up giving same time and preference to each and every inquiry.

The solution is to avoid it by filtering the inquires by levying cost on it. A prospective buyer must send you a payment – lets say $50 or $100 to make an inquiry. This cost will cover your time and internet cost. The main factor is your time cost. This practice keeps at bay non-serious-buyers as they will not inquire if they are not interested when price barrier is placed.

Take a look on following domains and what owners are saying about it:

I have seen many such offer pages for the Seller is demanding the ‘Offer Fee’.

I don’t think that this practice is suitable for Domainers as they’re actively seeking buyers and it’s like their routine to communicate with potential buyers for their domains. But, for NonDomainers I feel it’s necessary as they’re not actively seeking to sell the domain. And, to respond to inquires needs time and by levying administration charges they can cover the time spent on maintaining the domain name.

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Google’s Search Result Tips & Its Impact On The Websites

I’ve noticed this several times that whenever I search something in Google it displays at the top of the page some tips as an answer to your query.

For example: When I searched ‘How to disable activex control in Excel?” as I’ve one document in MS Excel that whenever I save prompts me of ActiveX on the sheet. I Googled to solve it and this is the result:

I find this feature cool and it’s a great time saver. As you don’t need to visit the website if you able to solve your problem with the tips provided. But, on the other hand, if I’m the owner of a particular website I will not be happy if Google displays tips or answers and post it on its search pages. This action means, websites lose traffic to their site and it’s not good. Moreover, I think the job of a search engine is to display the results and not engage itself in adding features that goes beyond providing search results – that is providing answers.

There is a ‘Feedback’ option also with the answers you get which details the following:

This clearly shows that Google is answering your query apart from providing the appropriate search results. A ‘two-in-one’ action which I think may lower some websites traffic.

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Rare two character Domains, .Sucks is costly and Is .College a Headache

1000s of rare two-letter domains hit market

More than 20,000 rare two-character domains have been put onto the open market today by domain registry Rightside. The company has the rights to sell domains under 38 different endings, including .lawyer, .rocks, .band, .social and .ninja, with just over 30 of them live.
Having received permission from domain name overseers ICANN to sell two-character names under each, the company has put them all up for sale at once. According to TheRegistrar

“.sucks” registrations begin soon—at up to $2,500 per domain
The number of generic top-level domains (gTLDs) available for use has climbed into the hundreds, and “.sucks” will soon be added to the list. However, angry customers eager to get their hands on brand-specific domains like “” or “” shouldn’t get their hopes up; according to MarketingLand, the domains will cost far more than most consumers will want to pay…ARStechnica

Why .college domains could be a nightmare for schools
On Tuesday, universities gained the option to register .college domain extensions – creating opportunities for schools who aren’t pleased with their traditional .edu addresses and headaches for those who now have one more extension to police for cybersquatters – people who unscrupulously use domains that falsely appear to belong to someone else.
Generation XYZ, which owns the domain extension, is giving universities until mid-April to register domains for free as long as they own the trademarks…Fusion

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