My ‘the+Keyword’ Domains are up for Renewal

It was in last year I hand registered the following ‘the+Keyword’ domains after analyzing many domains. Now they are up for renewal and I’m wondering whether to keep or leave them. The following are the .com names:

4.ThePyaramid (Accidental Registration as it has a TYPO)

All above I parked with SEDO and none made any PPC revenue and unique visitors are less than 100 over the last year for each. And, as far as OFFERS are concerned none of the names had it. I sent end-user emails but I got no response at all. It seems many endusers are happy with their web names.

So, at this stage I’m wondering if anything above is worth keeping. However all domains if valued without ‘THE’ as a single keyword are worth $100k and above and since there is a market for ‘the+domains’ I’m bit undecided at this time.

If you own the above names then what you will keep and what you’ll drop?

Well, here are some noticeable ‘The+Domain’ sales list this year as reported by $692 $1136 $1149 $2700 $992 $2060 $829 $554 $2188 $3933
and many more

It’s very evident that this year alone there are more than 100s of ‘the’ domain sales taken place despite of the influx of new gTLDS.

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Marcaria – Good Place to Search ccTLD Registrations

Visit if you would like to do international domain registration or just make a search to see whether it’s available or not. And, if your preferred registrar doesn’t provide that service then Marcaria is a good place.

Most of the registrars have limited ccTLD registration choices. From Domaining perspective we are well aware of the fact that many end-users switch their domains from a specific ccTLD choice to a dot com domain for universal appeal and reach. Looking for registrations of your .com domain for matching ccTLD domains will be helpful to understand and locate a particular buyers geographical location as well as will be helpful in determining buyers buying strength.

At present it looks Marcaria provides registrations under North America, South America, Central America, Africa, Asia, Middle east, Europe and Oceania. On the other hand it also covers several new gTLDs domain extensions. For example, I’ve a domain and when I made a search of ccTLD I found there is and

As a disclaimer I would like to advise you to read first their terms of use before you use their system extensively.

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Developed a Name ‘Carpetizers’ For a Business

Recently my Domaining activity led me to an opportunity to develop a name for a successful carpet supply and maintenance company in India. The requirements were pretty simple: a dot com brandable domain at registration cost plus my name development fee. I took the chance and started working to find a name that may well relate to the business as well as ensuring it’s available under the .com TLD. The job involved finding a .com brandable domain name for a carpet business involving sale, installation and maintenance of carpets in offices.


I checked the stats at which showed more than 10000 results for names involving carpet as a prefix and suffix. These stats told me that the carpet and flooring industry is very big with billions of dollars in yearly transaction worldwide with U.S leading the way. I also think as a new gTLD .carpet or .floor if introduced may do well over time.

Wel, in order to find a suitable name I applied all obvious domain choices such as mycarpet, carpetbox, onecarpet, thecarpet, icarpet, ecarpet, smartcarpet and many other successful domain variables whether keyword formed or brandables and found all were already registered. Then I played around the word carpet itself and came up with the options such as carpety, carpetza, carpetsy, carpeters, and many other options untill ‘CARPETIZERS’ dawned on me. The moment it came to my mind I recognized it as having the brandability potential and thought could be a nice one to own. After compiling the list I submitted it to the business owner’s review.

The next day I received an email from the owner saying that they like the word ‘Carpetizers’ and want to have that name for their business. I was delighted to read such an email. Although, this word has 4 syllables and 11 characters which is usually not the case with many brandables but I thought the name is catchy and so the owner. As agreed earlier, I made a defensive registration of this name and they made the local registration of the name, made the logo, and printed the required business cards. The owner revealed me later that the name got instant recognition in their business circle and are very glad to own it.

Had I not learned about domain names I would have not been in a position to develop such a name for a business. This work taught me one more thing – that brandable names are very important and it will have more value if it embodies in itself the generic keyword. For example, you can easily tell Carpetizers is coming from carpets and it will be not so difficult for someone to guess it. On the other side, it has a limitation of being limited to carpets but some companies are OK with such a scenario. If needed they go into other businesses with another name and I think it’s good for the Domaining industry as more name requirements leads to more domain sales.

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Name Reservation for Business Ideas

Internet web address is an opportunity to many name development companies as well as individuals who’re planning to start their own business someday. Earlier, name reservation was a cumbersome task. But, now you can have any name registered on your name with just few mouse clicks on your screen. Domainers are always looking for names that maybe valuable to businesses. But, I believe name reservations is not just limited to Domainers, many businesses too hold a high number of Domains. Businesses knows that domains are valuable and if the idea behind which a domain is registered kick starts then they don’t need to worry about securing a domain at a higher price later. But not too many domain ideas get converted into an actual business and in order to monetize the domain inventory the domain owners start selling them. You may have seen such phrases:

“The owners of this domain have recently changed their business plan and this Domain Name is For sale”.

Individuals who don’t have any business plan right now but hope to start their own business someday then they should not leave this opportunity to secure their business name as early as possible. Good domains are always snatched up at a breathtaking pace through new registrations as well as through drops. Securing a name also means securing an idea and it must be done fast. As of now the choices to get your domain are many but the domain industry firmly believes that old TLDs are still the best and will be in vogue for an indefinite number of years. If you’ve not yet registered a domain for yourself simply go and get one from Domain registration companies such as GoDaddy, NameCheap, NetworkSolutions Or any other. The only thing you need to be careful is to not infringe on someone else’s registered trademark.

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Is Estibot Valuation of Domain Right?

I often check and which is powered by Estibot in order to research domain name appraisal. Its features such as exact match search, cost per click, ad competition and other factors are worthy of consideration. Most of the Domainers take clue from such appraisal tools and adjust their domain prices accordingly.

Well, it happened today. I checked Domain appraisal at and I was surprised to get this result as shown in this screen shot.


Just $130?

Certainly, no one will ever agree with this sort of valuation for a killer domain like A Domain which is worth more than a million dollar doesn’t deserve such a bad rating.

On the other hand, appraises at $42,456.56 which is much better than Estibot but still too low compare to its market value. We know that couple of months ago was involved in Brokering and were expecting $750K in sale. If was expected to bring $750k then certainly the domain is worth more than name.

Sometime it happens Estibot doesn’t properly recognizes the word or combination of words. I’ve a domain and Estibot reads it wrongly as “Howto build” and shows an exact match 26 searches only where as the Google keyword tool shows more than 1800 searches.

So, I thought Estibot tool may not be reading the word Bitcoin properly and I checked the other details as follows:

Average Monthly Search Stats – Exact Match – [bitcoin]
Monthly Searches:300,120
Cost Per Click:$1.18 USD
Ad Competition:low
Data Age:Recent

All data seems is OK above. But, still how come $130 valuation for a domain with 300,000+ searches and CPC above $1?

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The Five Elements of a Brand

Straight to the point:

1.Business Name: Is a name which a company uses to conducts its business operations. It’s usually the name by which a company is known. Examples are many but lets use Microsoft, which is the business name or the trading name of Microsoft Corporation that sells information technology products.

2.Logo: Once a name is finalized companies are required to have a logo. A logo creates a double effect. Sometimes we may remember the logo of the company but not the name. As logos are pictures and are instantly stored by our right brain. Microsoft uses

3.Product Names: A company name is not just sufficient. Many producers of goods and services rely on their branding team to name their products too. As an example, Windows, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook are some of the product names that Microsoft uses.

4.Versions: It’s generally disregarded by many. It other words it’s the make or the model number. Generally it’s added to the product line. If it’s not done then confusion arises. For example today we use Windows 8.1 but before it there were several other versions. If Microsoft had not used versions for its product line it would have been difficult to refer specifically to a particular line of product. Many companies worldwide uses alphanumeric characters to denote to a product versions.

5.Taglines: A tagline is a phrase located near a logo or the business name. Generally they are slogans or a motto. They are like catchphrases. Apple uses ‘Think Different’. BMW’s ‘The Ultimate Driving Machine’. etc. are all examples of taglines.

From Domaining perspective, from business name to a product name, its versions to taglines requires names which maybe a dictionary word or a completely made-up word or a phrase. All requires names and this is the reason we see regular sales of keyword as well as brandable domain names.

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Pronounceable 5-Letter Available for Hand Registration

Off late I’ve been researching on pronounceable 5 letter .com domain names that can be put to use as a brand. I registered so far names like Sufya and Narfa and researching more to register. Well, I thought to share with my readers the available 5 letter domains that are pronounceable and have a decent searches when made in Google.

I was having a long list and I checked again and found many taken and I’m sharing here what is left unregistered. Here is the list of domains that are available as of this writing:

Domain – Searches
bhino 26000
dazek 17900
Gaalo 191000
kosox 8120
lixib 10700
molry 10100
nemew 17100
oabal 23400
pisof 29400
pocob 9320
qabab 11700
Qayar 10900
qosam 50000
qosox 2330
rorii 67600
rozke 19700
sihal 43200
suhuz 3200
thovu 13500
vabak 63200
woxox 8050
xabab 55100
xabas 25000
xosam 10200
zosox 13800

Note: Searches above are not EMDs they are results you get when typed in Google.

Well, if you find something interesting above, use Godaddy coupons and register it cheaply. I use resource to find Godaddy coupons.

Some of the names or domains are personal names related and some are used on Linkedin, Youtube, Facebook, etc. I found some names are registered in other ccTLD extensions like Kosox.

If we analyze there are 11,881,376 domains can be made through 5 letter series alone but not all are pronounceable. And, most of the good sounding domains were taken already. Still, I believe the area of 5 letter .com names is wide. If you’re interested to go deep on this 5-letter domain knowledge then type in Google the following:


Shane has some excellent articles on this subject and it was easy to locate this information on his website but his website look has changed since he shaked hands with Accidental Domainer. That’s why I’ve used Google to mark those posts.

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