The Five Elements of a Brand

Straight to the point:

1.Business Name: Is a name which a company uses to conducts its business operations. It’s usually the name by which a company is known. Examples are many but lets use Microsoft, which is the business name or the trading name of Microsoft Corporation that sells information technology products.

2.Logo: Once a name is finalized companies are required to have a logo. A logo creates a double effect. Sometimes we may remember the logo of the company but not the name. As logos are pictures and are instantly stored by our right brain. Microsoft uses

3.Product Names: A company name is not just sufficient. Many producers of goods and services rely on their branding team to name their products too. As an example, Windows, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook are some of the product names that Microsoft uses.

4.Versions: It’s generally disregarded by many. It other words it’s the make or the model number. Generally it’s added to the product line. If it’s not done then confusion arises. For example today we use Windows 8.1 but before it there were several other versions. If Microsoft had not used versions for its product line it would have been difficult to refer specifically to a particular line of product. Many companies worldwide uses alphanumeric characters to denote to a product versions.

5.Taglines: A tagline is a phrase located near a logo or the business name. Generally they are slogans or a motto. They are like catchphrases. Apple uses ‘Think Different’. BMW’s ‘The Ultimate Driving Machine’. etc. are all examples of taglines.

From Domaining perspective, from business name to a product name, its versions to taglines requires names which maybe a dictionary word or a completely made-up word or a phrase. All requires names and this is the reason we see regular sales of keyword as well as brandable domain names.

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Pronounceable 5-Letter Available for Hand Registration

Off late I’ve been researching on pronounceable 5 letter .com domain names that can be put to use as a brand. I registered so far names like Sufya and Narfa and researching more to register. Well, I thought to share with my readers the available 5 letter domains that are pronounceable and have a decent searches when made in Google.

I was having a long list and I checked again and found many taken and I’m sharing here what is left unregistered. Here is the list of domains that are available as of this writing:

Domain – Searches
bhino 26000
dazek 17900
Gaalo 191000
kosox 8120
lixib 10700
molry 10100
nemew 17100
oabal 23400
pisof 29400
pocob 9320
qabab 11700
Qayar 10900
qosam 50000
qosox 2330
rorii 67600
rozke 19700
sihal 43200
suhuz 3200
thovu 13500
vabak 63200
woxox 8050
xabab 55100
xabas 25000
xosam 10200
zosox 13800

Note: Searches above are not EMDs they are results you get when typed in Google.

Well, if you find something interesting above, use Godaddy coupons and register it cheaply. I use resource to find Godaddy coupons.

Some of the names or domains are personal names related and some are used on Linkedin, Youtube, Facebook, etc. I found some names are registered in other ccTLD extensions like Kosox.

If we analyze there are 11,881,376 domains can be made through 5 letter series alone but not all are pronounceable. And, most of the good sounding domains were taken already. Still, I believe the area of 5 letter .com names is wide. If you’re interested to go deep on this 5-letter domain knowledge then type in Google the following:


Shane has some excellent articles on this subject and it was easy to locate this information on his website but his website look has changed since he shaked hands with Accidental Domainer. That’s why I’ve used Google to mark those posts.

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A new project is coming to you. Revolutionizing Social Media

While analyzing to series of domain names for my site I came across several domains which indicated registrant as Mike Gleissner. If you visit these sites you’ll get this kind of page:

Lot of domains seems to be held by this organization apart from the list I’m providing here. As of current these domains under the series are to promote this project of revolutionizing social media. List:

It’s interesting to see what kind of social media platform this project may bring and how it may revolutionize the social media. I think, social media has already revolutionized our lives. Anyway, I’ll be waiting to see with what unique selling proposition strategy this project may take off.

The picture shows picture when you click you’ll be visiting Is it or they are just the advertisers is hard to tell as the whois details doesn’t reflect the organization name.

For Domainers who’re holding less premium letter domains this maybe an indication that the offer might be from one of this organization. And, it seems this organization is on buying spree mode especially for less desirable three letter .com domains.

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Is Down?

It has became my routine to see the sales figures which DNJournal brings every Wednesday. But, usually I check it on Thursday due to the time difference factor. Well, today when I tried to open the I encountered ‘problem loading page’ error. I tried several times in vain. Later, I checked the feed to try the DNSales list from there but it was not available there too.

I don’t know what maybe the reason. I think, maybe the site is down for maintenance. Since long time I’ve no problem visiting This is the first time I’m unable to access the site from my location. Ron Jackson is very consistent with his postings and he addresses issues in advance related to his blog in an Editors note paragraph. Well, I hope all is well with DNJournal.

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Do You Own a LLL Domain Starting With BO?

This information is for you if you own a LLL domain starting with letters BO and ending with a,b,c,…x,y,z. I’ve a website where I’m updating currently LLL domain name acronyms. Yesterday, I analyzed BOA to BOZ series of LLL letters and I found one interesting pattern. I’ve found that the series of LLL domains containing BOA – BOZ are liked a lot by Banking Industry.

Some examples of dot com domains are as follows:

bof:- Bank of Fayetteville
boh:- Bank of Hawaii
boi:- Bank of Ireland
bok:- Bank of Oklahoma
bov:- Bank of Valeletta
bob:- Best of Business

From the above it’s clear that BO stands for “Bank of” the last letter in the LLL domain maybe related to a country or city. So, if you as a Domainer own a LLL domain under .com, .net, .org or any ccTLD then take a note that the inquiry maybe coming from someone related to banking industry. You need to work on the last letter to figure out the city or country or any other name pertinent to your domain. It’s not that 100% inquiries will come from bankers but you can think this as one of the probable prospect. And, since banking is a very profitable business, the chance for you to get a good bargain is also high. Banking is a trillion dollar industry and most of the banking firms do well.

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Useful Wikipedia Domain Pages

This is a list of useful Wikipedia domain pages:

Domain Names
Domain Name System
DNS Root
Top Level Domains
Generic Top Level Domains
.com to search other extensions replace .com with other TLD. for example you can replace .com with .net to view .net wiki page
Country Code Top Level Domains
Domain Name Registrar
Fully Qualified Domain Name
RootZone DB
Second Level Domain
DNS Zone
List of most expensive domain names
Domain Aftermarket
Domain Name Front Running
Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act
Domain hack
Domain Hijacking Domain Name Warehousing
Domain Tasting
Domain Registration
Domain Transfer
List of Internet Top-Level Domains
Public Suffix List
Reverse Name Notation
Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy
Internationalized country code top-level domain
Sponsored top-level domain
Two Letter Country Codes
Domain name scams
Business Model
Domain Drop Catching
Reverse Domain Name Hijacking
Type in traffic
Domain Name Drop List
Domain Parking

I’ve tried to list as many Wiki pages as possible related to domain names. These links are good for beginners who’re just starting domaining or those who are interested in protecting and enhancing their business related domain names.

Fell free to post a link in comment if I’ve missed something very important.

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This site is currently inactive but NOT for sale



While researching my LLL series of domains, I came across and what I found on the site I copied here as shown in the above picture.

I’m just wondering how can someone may use someone else’s domain name to conduct business. And, this maybe the reason why has put up this notice on their site. But, I think instead of putting such a notice the domain owner has to find some other options. Use of your domain without your knowledge or by some technical hacking ways is illegal and entails monetary aspect also. The domain gets devalued due to its unfair use.

And, when starts its own business online then I think it needs to find a way to stop somebody else from using their domain to conduct business and at that time mentioning ‘it’s out of our control’ to stop somebody else from abusing BGB domain name will not make much sense.

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