Why Some Companies Don’t Invest in Domain Names

In today’s virtual space having a killer domain name is important because it enhances the brand as well as increases the revenue. A domain name which is just been registered for the sake of web presence offers little or no value at all. And, there are some companies who think that investing in a good domain name is not necessary. In my observation the following maybe the reasons why some companies don’t invest in quality domain names. Here they are:

Lack of awareness: Some companies and their respective management team are just not aware that there exist a secondary market for quality domain names. They are not aware of the term Domainers too. This is the case with a lot of companies around the globe. If there is no awareness that domain names can change the fate of the company then there will be no action to correct the existing name on which the company has built their businesses. We often see hyphenated versions, long versions and other weird versions of a domain when in fact the right version is available for them to register. Even while hand registering a domain name some companies don’t choose the right one.

Cost Factor: Right domain name comes with a cost. And, if the Sales manager together with IT manager succeeds in making a conclusion that cheap name can also be used in place of a costly one then those companies are unlikely to contact the right domainer or bid in an aftermarket for a good name.

IT Team: IT department exists in almost all companies and IT team often are not aware of the value of domain name. Some times the IT is deployed to do an effective SEO on a cheap domain name to get results on top. They may succeed as a SEO specialist but just fails in understanding how brands and domains work.

Choices: Why invest in a good name when there are lot of new-gTLDS as well as ccTLDs are available? This too is a strong reason why some companies don’t invest in a strong domain name.

Above some of the reasons in my opinion backed by some companies to continue using their existing name over a good one.

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LL+Mobile Following Domains Are Available

When there is not something very interesting to write I think finding available domains and then sharing it is a task which I think fills the gaps in blogging. For Domainers writing everyday for available names or names listed at aftermarket is a good practice and domains are like a never ending cycle.

Well, here is a list of Domains starting with LL and then using ‘Mobile’ as a keyword. I especially try to find domains in a niche like this one to locate any missing registrations. After running the query to find 676 LL+Mobile names the following 14 I found were available to register as of this time:

QVmobile.com with 7610 search results
TFmobile.com with 56500 search results
OFmobile.com with 59,100,000 search results (Because it’s ‘of mobile’)
OGmobile.com with 485,000 search results
OQmobile.com with 3,350 search results
OYmobile.com with 7950 search results
XQmobile.com with 1710 search results
XWmobile.com with 1560 search results
YHmobile.com with 5550 search results
YVmobile.com with 1870 search results
UHmobile.com with 6060 search results
UJmobile.com with 931 search results
VJmobile.com with 6380 search results -> There is a .De registered for this one
VYmobile.com with 27500 search results

Among the above I like the VJ Mobile as it sounds well but not because there is a .de registration. DNPric.es list TVMobile sold for $18500 and WeMobile for $13500 but of course those are known prefixes. With so many companies involved in mobile businesses directly or indirectly I see some value in the above names especially for companies/individuals who are looking to have a short and memorable name.

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LL3D OR 3DLL Names All Are Reserved Except

As domainers we are well aware that 3D names are valuable and owning the right 3D name is in itself an asset. Recently, I made a check to see if some 3D names are available under 4 character range. And I found the following as available names:

EK3D.com – I registered this one.

There are more than 1352 such combinations and to my surprise all are reserved and taken. Some of the developed domains I went through were using the first 2 letters as acronym for example:

AK3D.com as Andre Kutscherauer 3D engaged in providing 3D services and 3D tools
BG3D.com as Brian Gottlieb 3D a site showcasing 3D skills of a 3D artist
DI3D.com as Dimensional 3D is a facial performance capture company
FP3D.com as Focal Point 3D
JW3D.com as Jonathan Williamson 3D a topology specialist and tool designer

and, there are quite good number of websites developed with these acronym combinations. The acronyms were used for first and last name combinations of persons or companies. I think most of the names of LL3D or 3DLL taken because there are very limited combinations available under .com series.

I checked to see what price the domainers are listing such names for and I came across one which was NM3D.com for $1519 and most of the other names were listed for sale with a make an offer option. Well, if you like any of the the above name you can register it using GoDaddy coupon code for less and let me know if you do register.

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IamProtective.com Sold for $7,500 By IamPowerful.com

It’s always interesting to read DNJournal.com sales every week. Most interesting part of this weekly listing is the Domain name and the price. But most of us not give much attention to ‘Where Sold’ column. As generally we assume big players like SEDO, GoDaddy, DNS etc as the sales venue and we miss others. In the DNJournal report from Mon. Dec. 8, 2014 – Sun. Dec. 14, 2014 you can notice a sale of IamProtective.com for $7,500 and in the where sold column it’s written as ‘IamPowerful’. I came across about it for the first time. I searched DNJournal to find if IamPowerful has reported some previous sales or not but couldn’t find any other except IamProtective.com

I visited IamPowerful.com site and there I found lots of domains related to positive affirmations. Some examples of such domains as listed by IamPowerful.com are:

I Am Abundant.com $20,000.
I Am Confident.com $20,000.
I Am Cool.com $20,000.
I Am Grateful.com $17,500.
I Am High.com $15,000.
I Am Loving.com $17,500.
I Am Motivated.com $17,500.
I Am Romantic.com $15,000.

The sales pitch reads as: Positive Affirmation Domains (PAD’s) are unique domains that have piqued the interest of buyers who want to own a domain name that specifically define the owner or their niche of interest. Similar to vanity numbers and license plates for individuals, PAD’s are a statement or declaration of being

My opinion is that it’s a nice niche and companies maybe interested in such domains for their marketing and promotion activities as such names are memorable and roll off the tongue easily. Well, IamProtective.com is now up and running and it seems Protective.com a life insurance company has bought it.

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General Availability List of New gTLDs as of Year End 2014

The following new gTLDs are now available to register by anyone. All these new gTLDs entered the general availability phase in this year. Most of these extensions are available to register at well-known domain sites like Godaddy, Name.com, etc.

.ltda SPR

Data courtesy of ntldstats.com

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EMD Is Not Necessary – We Are Found in Google

Most of the business owner make claims that they don’t need an exact match domain name because they think that their website is being easily found in Google. It’s a great feeling to see your site scoring well on search engines as most of the users nowadays get to a particular website using search engine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. It’s assumed that if your site has good content traffic follows easily. But, just having a good content is not enough in today’s competitive online marketing world. A good exact match domain is also important. Business owners who build their web presence on exact match domains have following advantages over those who use a non-exact match domain name:

1. Authority: Users associate authority to a particular website if they notice in search engine result pages a domain that matches exactly with the search term they are looking for. It means other websites although topping the results are likely to be ignored at first glance. Natural visit goes to an EMD website.

2. Direct Type-In Traffic: Having an exact match domain helps a business owner to secure some direct type-in traffic. And, it’s a well know fact that direct type-in traffic conversion rate is better than any other form of traffic generation. So, if a business is not having an EMD it means it’s losing some sales to its competitors. If the domain is parked the revenue is enjoyed by a particular domainer and if it’s developed a higher profit is being made by another business entity.

3. Search Engine affinity: Most of the search engines favors exact match domains in their top listings. For example DuckDuckGo lists in its organic results almost all exact match domains matching search query at the top. A well developed website on an exact match domain is likely to top the organic search pages even on top search engines.

It’s clear that to have a successful online presence one need an exact match domain whether developed or just in possession so that the revenue stream remains intact or at least it’s not leaked.

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Types of Domain Selling

A domain name goes from one person or an entity to another in various forms of transactions. And, it’s interesting to note these types and here they are:

Registrar to Registrant: In this transaction a domain name is searched by the registrant under registrar’s search engine to find and register a domain. Technically it’s a domain sold by a registrar to a registrant. A registrant can be an enduser or simply a domainer.

Domainer to Domainer: In this transaction a domain name gets sold from one domainer to an another domainer. The other domnainer purchases the domain to add it to his portfolio from domainers who are looking to get some instant cash in return for some of their good names.

Domainer to Domain Broker: A domain broker sometimes buys a domain from a domainer in order to sell it to an enduser. Many domain brokers build their portfolio by adding domains irrespective of whether there is an immediate client requirement exist for that domain or not.

Domainer to enduser In this scenario an enduser directly contacts the domainer to purchase a domain in order to start a fresh business with a fresh name or just to upgrade their already existing domain name.

Enduser to a domainer: In this case the domainer contacts the enduser or the domain owner to purchase the name privately. There are some endusers who has some real good quality names but are not much aware of the domain industry or they just don’t have the time. If they find offers to be reasonable they sell it to the domainers or the company inquiring about the name.

Lost UDRP Domain Sale: In this situation a company files an UDRP on a domain name and then loses it in the court when judges denies the transfer of a disputed domain to the complainant. The complainant later seek a deal with the domain owner to get the domain. Usually it ends up in a huge sale.

Domain Lost in a UDRP Although it’s not a selling of a domain but some domains are just transferred to the complainant from the domain owner if it infringes on any of their existing trademarks.

Domain Portfolio Selling This sale comprises of whole portfolio of domains from one company or a domainer to an another company or a domainer. The transaction volume in such sales is quite large.

An Aftermarket Sale Perhaps it’s the most popular form of a domain sale. In this form a domain is sold by an aftermarket domain company to the successful bidder or the only person who had backordered a domain. Many domain registrars also operate their own domain aftermarket to make financial gains from dropped domains under their own domain database.

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