Domain News for 22nd July 2014

Shorter .nz domain names on offer: The Domain Name Commission (DNC) has relaxed its policies to allow for the registration of shorter ‘.nz’ domain names, ushering in a new era for the local industry. The measure will allow Kiwis to create websites without a ‘second level’ domain; for example, a registrant will be able to purchase, instead of Continue reading

.tk passes 25 million domains: The .tk registry has become only the second TLD to pass 25 million domain names.Netherlands-based Dot TK passed the milestone at the weekend, according to statistics posted on its web site, and today has 25,068,128 domains under management. It’s grown by a whopping 837,703 names in the last 30 days alone. Continue reading

Domain Registry of America Suspended: If you’ve registered even a few domains over the past ten years, you’ve likely received at least a few letters from a company named the Domain Registry of America (DROA). The DROA is famous for sending snail mail letters out to domain owners, typically around the time one or more of their domains are set to expire, with an offer to “renew” the domain, which was in reality a transfer to them, making them your new domain registrar. Continue reading

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Domain News for 20th July 2014

Fraudulent ICANN Domain Name Certificates:It has been brought to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)’s attention that some online entities have attempted to sell fraudulent “certificates”, which they claim are required to protect generic top-level domain names. According to the Corporation, the perpetuators of this scam threaten registrants on the protection service with the objective of securing a fee from the registrant. Continue reading

Many businesses forgo a website to save time, expense: It’s cheap. It’s easy to do. And it can take less than 20 minutes to set up. Yet more than half of all small businesses still don’t have a website. “It’s just ridiculous,” says Jim Blasingame, a small-business author and radio show host. “Every small business needs a website. Period. Nonnegotiable.” Continue reading

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Domain News for 17th July 2014

My handpicked domain news for your today!

Russia’s Yandex to get own top level internet domain: MOSCOW, July 15. /ITAR-TASS/. The International non-commercial organization Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has approved creating a .yandex top-level domain for Russian Internet giant Yandex, business daily Izvestiya reported on Tuesday citing a Yandex spokesperson… Continue reading

Vietnam Landmark win in Lafarge domain-name dispute:: On April 22, the People’s Court of the city of Da Nang issued a decision ordering the revocation of the domain name registered by a Vitenamese individual, giving Lafarge SA of France a 10-day sunrise period to register the domain name itself. This brought to a conclusion a five-year battle over cybersquatting and set a precedent for domain names cases in Vietnam. Continue reading

Nylon Changes URL to Media Inc: on July 14 debuted its new domain name,, changing its site domain from and further cementing its commitment to digital growth. “NYLON is a brand synonymous with ‘It Girl’ culture. Owning is the first step in a series of digital innovations we plan to introduce to evolve our growing online, social and mobile presence,” said NYLON Media EVP of Digital, Daniel Saynt. Continue reading

Oops! Sony gaming websites go down because they didn’t pay the bill:Sony on Wednesday was struggling to ensure access to game-related websites that went offline apparently because of unpaid domain name bills. Continue reading

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Are You Dropping a Domain?

It’s a common practice among Domainers to buy, sell as well as drop domain names. Round the year domainers face renewals as they acquire domains during different dates of a year. When renewals comes generally a Domainer has two choices: Keep the domain OR leave the domain to expire. The primary factors taken into account while dropping a domain names are: first, is the domain name has made any parking revenue and second are there any offers on it. If the domain name has made a decent revenue in parking then definitely it’s a keeper as it’s paying its renewal on its own. Also, you can be sure that the offers which you may have received on it might turn into an actual sale if the buyer gets agreed to your quote. Definitely these two factors – parking revenue and offers are good indicator to keep or or leave a domain.

But, there is some thing more you can do to analyse if the domain has any worth. The third factor to help you make a keep or leave decision relating to your domains is to make an online search. Take your domain and type it in Google and to see if any new companies are using a domain similar to yours and which may become your new prospects. Round the year many changes takes place and some new companies may emerge which may have a liking to your domain name. gives more weight to exact match domain results.

I recently was about to leave a domain name but when I made a search I discovered a new company who were using a domain name similar to mine. They registered it in their ccTLD extension and I believe they may have searched for .com first and realized it’s taken and then decided to go with their ccTLD extension. Seeing this I changed my mind and renewed the domain for one more year in order to send my new prospect an email to see if they are interested in my domain name.

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Domain News for 15th July 2014

Internet Domain Names Could Include Armenian Alphabet
YEREVAN (Armenpress)—Internet URL’s may appear written in the Armenian alphabet starting next year, as the governing body of Internet domain names continues to announce major changes to the system, Deputy Director of the Internet Society of Armenia Grigori Saghian told reporters… Continue reading

Protection Of Domain Name As A Trademark::
The Internet Domain Names have now become much more than mere representing the websites of different companies on the Internet. Today, in this age of well-developed information technology and worldwide businesses through Internet, these domain names have attained the status of being business identifiers and promoters…Continue reading

Four Reasons to Move from .COM to Your .BRAND Domain::
Ask Google, Amazon, AXA and hundreds of other brands: branded top-level domains are the future of the web. Since 2012, when the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) opened up applications for new TLDs, more than 600 businesses have submitted applications for branded TLDs… Continue reading

New internet domain .scot set for launch::
A new top-level internet domain for Scotland is set to be launched, allowing people to choose a .scot web or email address for the first time…Continue reading

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Domain News for 14th July 2014

This is a new series I’m starting and I hope I’ll maintain it. Apart from links I’m also reviewing links directly by googling ‘Domain News.’ I’m doing this since last one month and found some interesting stories which I believe were not covered by some domain bloggers. So, I decided I’ll share such a news by giving a brief account followed by the actual source link.

So here they are: Google results for domain news for 14th July 2014:

How getting the right domain name grew my business:
One night at a domain name conference I bought a domain name for $2000. It changed the direction my business was heading – in a good way. I was a serial domain name investor, flipping domains and websites for profit. With this new domain I had just purchased, I knew that I’d be able to develop a car loan lead generation machine. Unfortunately, however, the domain name wasn’t a brand that we could wrap an entire business around…Continue

Now Scotland gets its very own internet domain name:
The Scottish internet is set to be born next week as the country gets its own national domain name for the first time – with the expected profits to be invested in digital initiatives proposed by the public.Signalling the creation of a national digital identity after eight years of hard negotiation, Tuesday will see more than 50 sites – including efforts from both the Yes and Better Together campaigns – appear online using the new .scot address… Continue

Bitcoin Domain-Name Prices Defy Drop in Virtual Currency’s:
Bitcoin’s 46 percent decline in the value since its December peak hasn’t damped a surge in prices for Internet domain names related to the virtual currency. Entrepreneur Niko Younts said he sold the name in January for $250,000 — 23 times what he paid a month earlier. Continue

Why Nigerians Are Sceptical About .ng Domain Name:
The Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NIRA), was set up by the Federal Government to administer the nation’s country code Top Level Domain, .ng, which is Nigeria’s identifier on the World Wide Web. In this interview with Senior Correspondent, EMMANUEL OKWUKE, President of NIRA, Mrs. Mary Uduma, speaks on efforts to deepen awareness, get government businesses online and deepen adoption of the country’s domain names and other sundry matters…Continue

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Domain Name Industry Players

If you’re thinking domaining is just the only thing domain industry people do then you’re wrong. Domain industry over the years experienced a phenomenal growth and proved profitable to many. It’s interesting to note that Domain industry is not just about Domaining but it’s more. It’s not 100-year-old and considered new industry active since 20+ years but has got wide attention during the last 15 years. It’s interesting to see that there are many players in this game beginning with the Registry and ending with the registrant or the end-user

Here is a list of businesses involved in this industry:

Domain Registry
Domain Registrar
Domain Registrant – End User
Domain Registrant – Domainer
Domain Broker
Domain Blogger
Domain Events
Domain Parking
Domain Investors
Domain Employee
Domain Resources
Domain Aftermarket
Domain Financier
Domain Attorneys
Domain Forum
Domain Consultant
Domain Developer
Domain Appraisals
Domain Hosting
Domain Escrow
Domain Coupons (Part of Registrar)
Domain Tax
And maybe much more.

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